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Where your mental well-being comes first

Mental health affects how we think, feel and act. Improvement on your mental well being could help you feel more positive and be able to get the most out of life.

Welcome to Ihumure, we’re so happy that you want to embark on your journey of self-discovery with us.

Oftentimes, because of the misconception of what mental health and mental fitness are,  people mostly suffer in silence and their conditions go untreated.

“IHUMURE” derives from the Kinyarwanda term “HUMURA” which translates to “DON’T WORRY” in English. Whether this is to improve  your own sense of well-being or you even want to help someone you truly care about,  you are not alone. 


Our Mission

We aim to help raise mental health awareness, assist in educating the society about mental conditions and aid in making mental services more accessible and more convenient, all with the help of technology.

Our Vision

Is to help as many people as we can, help them see a better tomorrow knowing we played a role on who or what they've become.

Why we're doing this

Mental health awareness is one of our main priorities. It is an important social movement to both improve understanding and increase access to healthcare. With the help of social media platforms  and technology as a whole, we hope to reduce the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions. 

Mental health is not given as much attention as it deserves, not only in Rwanda but Africa at large. Which leaves people to be completely clueless about what mental health is and how to cope with it. Which is why we want to provides as much information on mental health as needed in order to help people know more about what it is and how to confront/manage it.

Communication is a vital key to your mental wellness. Ihumure will provide a way  for you to be able communicate. It is okay for you to ask questions and share what you’re going through, you might even find those who are on the same journey you are. Abolish the “what will people think of me” mentality because this is YOUR path not theirs.


Things to not say to someone struggling with mental health illness: “ignore it, you are overthinking, it’s all in your head, things could be worse, snap out of it, suicide is selfish, just try to be positive.”

When someone you’re close with has a mental illness, it’s hard come up with words to say to them and that’s ok but no matter your intentions, some suggestions or comments — like those previously mentioned can do more harm than you might think. Instead try and show them that you’re there to help them step out of the darkness they are in.